Balakhilya das in Voronezh

Balakhilya das in Voronezh

In May 2010 the Yoga seminar was held in the suburb of Voronezh. A charming place on the banks of the river, clean air, quiet atmosphere, a group of like-minded people… All this contributed to a full experience of spiritual practices.

The seminar offered everybody a precious opportunity to meet with Balakhilya das. He is an experienced teacher and practitioner who lectures on Vedic philosophy and gives guidance on how to follow the process of Bhakti yoga, the easiest and the most effective way to achieve spiritual realization, in modern life.

All seminar participants had a chance to engage in energetic and mellow kirtans (singing mantras to the accompaniment of different musical instruments), individual mantra meditation, studying the Vedas, sampling vegetarian food, watching theatre, attending hatha yoga classes, and so on.

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