Balakhilya das in Alushta (Crimea), September 2011

Balakhilya das in Alushta (Crimea), September 2011

Another seminar with Balakhilya das was held in Crimea during the period of September 10 to October 10, 2011. A big recreation center situated on the south coast of Crimea near Alushta was chosen as the place to host the seminar.

Covered in verdure, 2-4 bed bungalows were situated on the hillside. Crystal clear sea waters lapped against a long pebbly beach at the foot of the hill. Some areas of the center had trails which easily led right down to the sea. Everyone could watch the stunning sunrises and sunsets from the balconies of their bungalows. There was a camping area on site, and those who preferred to live in tents could stay there.

A well-equipped canteen provided all the guests with various vegetarian dishes, gourmet and simple at the same time.

And now to most important point. The main goal of the seminar was to introduce all the participants to the amazing world of Bhakti yoga. Daily programs included:

– Morning mantra meditation (individually with beads);

– Kirtans (singing mantras to the accompaniment of different musical instruments);

– Reading Vedic literature;

– Balakhilya das’s lectures on Vedic philosophy and his practical advices on the process of Bhakti yoga;

– Solutions for social and personal problems, from the view point of Vedic knowledge.

Moreover, everyone could attend hatha yoga classes guided by experienced instructors, go hiking, consult an Ayurvedic (Vedic medicine) expert, watch or even participate in musical and theatrical performances, including theatre for children, given by amateurs and professional actors.

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