Balakhilya das in Crimea

Balakhilya das in Crimea
Balakhilya das in Crimea

This is the fourth year we have stayed at the same resort on the south coast of Crimea.

When the holiday season is almost over, and the weather has not turned dank yet, we get together at the place with splendid sea views. The abundance of vegetation covers the local coastline, and you can watch the gulls taking their walks on the wet pebbly shore. Such charming surroundings help you easily stay in a meditative mood which is so difficult to achieve in a big city.

This beautiful scenery is a nice benefit to the main purpose of coming here. Regular visitors as well as new attendees appreciate the most valuable opportunity – to see and hear Balakhilya das. Next to him, it feels that you are in the presence of a yogi in every sense of the word. He is always ready to inspire others and to help with advice.

The program of the autumn seminar included many lectures both for new participants and those who have already been using this knowledge in their everyday lives. And, of course, there were many, many fun and joyous as well as deep and focused group and individual meditations.

Furthermore, several public events were organized for everyone who wanted to come; in Sevastopol and Yalta, cities in Crimea. At the very end of the Crimean seminar, there was a trip with Balakhilya das to the Demerdji mountain. This place has a magnificent view over the coastline from Novyi Svit to Ayu-Dag (Bear Mountain).

This autumn retreat is the major event of the year for many participants: they look forward to it, dream about it, and prepare for it in advance. But in spite of a busy schedule, the seminar flies by like one day.

We wish you, at least for a short time, to have this rare opportunity of diving into the atmosphere of meditation, harmony and ancient wisdom.

See you on the next retreat!

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